The spring sun and the winter snow courting hills Lecco, where the town lies on the banks of Lierna insubrica east of Lake Como, Bellagio between the tip of the front and the tall and imposing peaks of Legnone Grigne of Lecco and Horns Canzo that, as guardians for centuries to protect and crown its banks.

In this sweet scene the Farm “The Roncati” shines like a jewel that enriches this scene of peace and tradition.

In a sign of this tradition Company “The Roncati” cultivated, almost filial affection, olive trees that give a valuable extra virgin olive oil DOP Laghi Lombardi section of the lake, that finally we can also be found in some stores of food Lecco and Milan.

The oil “I Roncati”, has the honor of DOP (Protected designation of origin) being subjected to strict controls annual and test chemical and organoleptic with careful evaluation of professional tasters that ensure and guarantee superior quality, designed for a refined gourmet palate.

Since 2013, the company “The Roncati” wanted to share this view of giving peace option of staying at “Casa Carlotta”, a charming establishment newly built and with a nice little garden, not far from the heart of Lierna and the Company farm “I Roncati.”

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil D.O.P. “I Roncati” is one of the finest Italian olive oils, valued and loved by gourmets. The oil “I Roncati” was awarded with three leaves with the best extra virgin olive Italy.

Tre foglie Gambero Rosso

An oil refined, noble and elegant, with a delicate flavor and slightly fruity, with hints of almond and artichoke, it goes well with grilled vegetables, salads, fresh cheeses and all the dishes that require as touch of the master, the famous and precious Italic “ Tour of oil “ raw. OLIO I RONCATI
The palate is smooth, not aggressive, sweet with a hint of freshness and overall very balanced.

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Casa Carlotta is a comfortable and elegant apartment of 100 square meters, located in an elegant building of recent construction. The ground floor features a cozy enclosed garden of 250 square meters, planted with hedges of cypress and jasmine, ideal for those seeking peace and relaxation.

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